Quality Control

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The quality control laboratories:

Along with international advances in promoting quality in production; commercial activities; and services. By utilizing the latest ISO; ISO 14004; OHSAS 18001; ISO 9001; ISO 10002; ISO TS 10004 and 5S, and instituting integrated managerial system. We also have taken some effective steps and wish to elevate Kimia Faam pharmaceutical product. Meanwhile, our quality control group has the chance to cooperate with skilled and expert employee and high tech unites, such as laboratories for raw materials and packing control; conducting durability; microbiology and chemical tests, and also in-line quality control laboratories to perform the tests according to the latest pharmacopoeia.

Chemical laboratory:

In this unit numerous analysis of raw materials and products are performed. All experiments are executed with valid standard methods, prepared from pharmacy references like American pharmacopeia (USP); European pharmacopeia (EP); British pharmacopeia (BP); and with the use of sophisticated instruments machines like HPLC; UV; GC; potentiometer, FTIR, Atomic Absorption, Melting point; distillation column; and other routine laboratory procedures.

Microbiology laboratory:

Controlling microbiological conditions of different units environment, such as, water; personnel; raw materials; packaging materials; products, and also determining potency of vitamins and antibiotics are some of the tasks performed in this unit.

Durability lab:

It is responsible for the durability control of finished products that are in quarantine for one wear after expiration date, under who regulations; and also those quality control of product according to received reports and complains, which is Post Marketing Quality Control.

Physical control laboratory :

This unit is responsible for physical examination of packed items, including bottles, paper bags, labels, and all process of packing based on codified check lists. This unit is also responsible for sampling and pre controlling of raw materials.

In-line Quality Control laboratory :

This lab shoulders the whole production process. The goal is to make sure that GMP principles from the preparation of raw materials to the final stage of packing are observed. Due to equipped machines with conductivity meters; pH meter; viscosity meter and etc. in production lines, online quality and quantity evaluation are performed simultaneously.