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  • تحقیق و توسعه

From the beginning of its activity, Kimia Faam pharmaceutical group realized the importance of research and development and therefore a department for R&D was founded. In 2006 R&D group received the research and development certificate from the ministry of industry and mine. Various in veterinarian, pharmacists, chemists, microbiologists are currently active in this department. At the same time Kimia Faam R&D group is working and consulting with distinguished university professors and scientific centers. R&D group tries to create a perspective of secure joint venture between pharmaceutical industry and scientific centers.

Access to new technologies in pharmaceutical industry, domestication of technologies, seeking optimum approaches for solving problems, and from the same point of view having close and frank communication with universities, laboratories and reliable scientific center are the most important activities of R&D group.

During R&D activities, it has acquired certificates, documents and different citations such as:

- R&D certificate from the ministry of industry and mine.
- Membership in association center for special research and development of industries and mine.
- Special national superior golden medal for R&D.
- Pebble sculpture for national superior R&D manager.
- The plaque of honor for ideal R&D from the ministry of industry and mine.
- Various citation and honor for cooperation in order to set R&D exhibition center.
- Nongovernmental laboratory permission for cooperation in food and health materials from the ministry of health.

Some of Kimia Faam R&D perspectives for future are:

- Formulation of various drugs for the first time in Iran.
- Transfer of new technologies in pharmaceutical industry.
- Access to new drugs according to the existing condition of animal diseases in country.
- . . . .

Kimia Faam pharmaceutical R&D group always believes that quality has no end and there is also no end to developmental route.